LEARNING Facilities

At LRCS, we work productively and collaboratively to create engaging learning environments for all students.

General Learning Spaces

Our Classroom Learning spaces are productively designed and set up to ensure students are able to engage meaningfully with their learning.

We know that students learn differently and that learning environment matter when it comes to comfort and focus.

Most general learning spaces feature dedicated 'desk learning' areas as well as break-out spaces for group work and less structured learning.

This means students are able to learn as they learn best - whether at a desk or sitting on the floor - which in turn greatly improves learning outcomes.

Our Specialist Learning Facilities allow us to offer a range of specialist learning opportunities across a broad range of learning areas for all our students.

Ag Farm

Our functioning Ag farm means students can learn about farm safety, raise chickens from hatching through to sale, run their own agriculture enterprise, participate in wool handling and shearing practicals, train cattle, conduct soil/crop investigations, plant an orchard and erect and maintain fencing.

Art Studio

Our fully equipped Art Studio gives students the chance to experiment with various mediums, techniques, and processes including: clay, digital art, photography, drawing/ illustration (graphite, charcoal and ink), digital editing,painting (acrylic, watercolors and oil),and printmaking (lino printmaking, screen printing and etching).

Computer Lab

Our computer lab also provides students with the tools necessary to complete quality digital technology learning including: digital designs using CAD programs, coding, digital modelling, scaled drawings, building computers and developing computer games.


Our gym provides a space for a range of indoor sports and activities including basketball, netball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, indoor cricket, European handball and soccer.


Our industrial kitchen facilities provide our students with the space needed to plan, create and test a vast range of recipes from around the world, learn about food handling practices and how to plan, plate and safely cook basic healthy meals for the whole family. They are also able to plan, create, and plate and present restaurant quality focussed dining experiences including Mallee produce meal, indigenous foods meal, a dessert bar, seasonal produce meal, canteen menu, celebration cake, tapas, and pasta.

Performing Arts Centre

Our dedicated Performing Arts Centre provides a theatre space as well as a smaller tutoring space for students to engage in a range of performing arts activities such as mime, silent film making, puppetry, playwriting, skit performing, production rehearsals, costume designing, set designing, stage directing, film making, music lessons and musical performances.

Science Lab

Our recently built Science lab provides the resources and facilities needed to regularly conduct practical experiments across the full breadth of the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences.

Students are able to mix chemicals, separate solutions, use microscopes, make elephant toothpaste, dissect different organs, and study geology.


Our recently built materials technology workshop is fully equipped with modern machinery and tools for our students to bring a range of design projects to life. These include: chopping boards, pencil boxes, pegs, key tags, wiggly dishes, photo frames, 3D printed products and designs, serving trays, epoxy resin creations, welding, beds, bars, chest of drawers, desks, trailers, tradie canopy, bar accessories, fire pits, BBQ’s and wood storage units.

LRCS Community Library

We are fortunate to have a Community Library on-site, which students can access during the day. The Library is open to students are recess and the second half of lunch.

Primary Students have a dedicated Library Lesson to borrow books and Secondary Students are able to access the library during class, with the permission of their teacher.

For Public Opening hours, please see the 'Library' tab on our Things to Know tab. For temporary changes to Library hours, check the Library Facebook Page