At LRCS, we teach according to the requirements of the Early Years Framework, the Australian Curriculum and the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). 

We ensure students have access to high-quality educational opportunities and work to provide equitable access to the curriculum. We are dedicated to making adjustments to our instruction and environment wherever necessary to ensure all students have a pathway to achieve success against the curriculum. 


Our Kindy curriculum offers learning opportunities through play, harnessing a child's curiosity and creativity to help them learn about the world we live in. 

Our Kindy operates during the school term on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8:45am-3:15pm and every second Thursday (even weeks) 8:30am-12:45pm. We include Kindy students in whole school events wherever possible and often plan them on Kindy days so they don't miss out. 

Our learning program is crafted using the Early Years Framework.  

Primary | F-6

Our Primary curriculum offers learning opportunities in English, Mathematics, Science, HASS, HPE, Visual Art, Technologies, Performing Arts, German & Agriculture. 

Students in F-6 have most of their lessons with their General Classroom teacher, with specialist teachers taking them for Visual Art, Drama, German, Agriculture and Health. 

Our F-6 learning program is designed using the Australian Curriculum. 

More information on the Australian Curriculum can be found here or via the Australian Curriculum link on our Handy links page. 

Secondary | 7-10

Our Secondary Curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience a range of subjects to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the world, as well as provide them with experience to make sound subject choices for their SACE. 

We offer learning opportunities in English, Mathematics, Science, HASS, HPE, Visual Art, Tech Metal, Tech Wood, Food Technology, Drama, German & Agriculture. 

Students begin to tailor their learning with some subject selections from Year 9, dependent on student needs & interests as well as staffing availability. 

By Year 10, students begin to undertake some SACE subjects to give them a greater opportunity to obtain SACE credits. In the past few years, these have included: Stage 1 PLP, Stage 1 Community Studies, stage 1 Outdoor Education and Stage 1 General Mathematics. 

More information on the Australian Curriculum can be found here or via the Australian Curriculum link on our Handy links page. 

SACE | 11 &12

Our students have a plethora of learning options available to them and can tailor their learning to best suit their needs and interests. 

Our face-to face SACE offerings have greatly increased over the last few years, thanks to some innovative thinking and quality recruitment of expert teachers in particular areas of need and interest. 

Where we are unable to offer face-to-face lessons we are able to facilitate enrolment with the Open Access College. 

We also offer a range of Vocational Education and School Based Apprenticeship options to give our students. 

More information on the SACE can be found here or via the SACE link on our Handy links page. 


At LRCS we collect data and monitor student needs to develop Learning Plans to assist student achievement and success at school. Our dedicated and specialist SSOs work with teachers and families to best support our students.

Students in F-6 participate in Literacy and Numeracy intervention through the Initial Lit and Quicksmart Programs. 

Students in Years 7-10 participate in an extra two lessons per week of 'Intensive Literacy' to complement the English program and increase their word knowledge and make connections in their learning.



Entering the world of Secondary education means your child has a range of different specialist teachers - often one teacher per subject - which we know can seem overwhelming when you want to stay on top of how your child is progressing at school

To help with this, Secondary Students and families have access to your child’s Live Feedback Document (LFD) Google Classroom Guardian Summaries.  

This means no more waiting until report time to see how your child is progressing - you will always know exactly how your child is achieveing in each subject in real time, what they are currently working on and whether they have any tasks due in the near future.

You will always know which subject teacher you need to touch base with! 

A Teacher Directory is included as a tab on the LFD and you can contact subject teachers as you need to to check on your child's learning progress in each subject. 

Live Feedback Document (LFD)

Secondary Students and their families have access to a Live Feedback Document (LFD) which outlines a student’s current progress against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standard or SACE Performance Standard as evidenced by their summative tasks. 

This is a live digital document that is updated as teachers mark student work. You are able to access it as often as you wish to check in on your child’s progress. 

The Overview page shows current grade and effort progress from all subjects while the individual subject tabs provide more detailed information about each subject. 

A URL link is sent out in Term 1 by your child's basegroup teacher. 


Google Classroom Guardian Summaries are weekly emails that show you the resources, posts and assignments that have been uploaded to your child’s Google Classroom pages during the week. It shows you recent due dates and upcoming ones. It is a great tool to help you see what your child is currently learning about and working on in each class. 

An invitation to set these up are sent out by your child’s basegroup teacher to the email address on your enrolment form and multiple guardians can be added if you wish. 

For more information click here or use the Guardian Summaries link on our Handy Links page.