At LRCS, we believe that all South Australian Mallee children deserve a quality well-rounded education and we work to ensure they receive this.

One thing we know at LRCS is this: our students are the very best there are. They apply themselves well to achieving success, and rise to the challenge if we notice they aren’t and give them a nudge. They look out for one another and help one another both inside and outside the classroom. They share and explore their thoughts and opinions critically and courageously, and are willing to ask questions to gain more insight and broaden their views. They don’t always get it right, but they are always willing to set it right when they need to. We consider ourselves very lucky to get a front row seat to watch them become the amazing humans they are and we thank their families for choosing LRCS and allowing us the opportunity to know them.  

Lameroo Regional Community School was established in 1990 with the amalgamation of the secondary sections of Pinnaroo, Geranium and Lameroo schools. 

Our school is centrally located in the farming district of the South Australian Mallee. We provides a wide and varied curriculum from Kindy to Year 12. 

Our caring staff provide a quality education to over 200 students in a range of academic, cultural, social and sporting activities. 

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